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Sponsor Mr. Johann W. Barbour                                                                                                                                        IHOMEFINDER / Affiliate Sales Representatives for the Internet Data Exchange (IDX)                                            Locations for the Real Estate Classroom Courses                 

 Best Western / Conference Center         Greater Faith Transition Center Inc. Formally Kaizer  Elementary   16999 S. Laurel  Park Drive                      670 Onandaga Avenue                             

 Livonia, Michigan 48154                          Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198

Wayne County / Oakland County area.    Washtenaw County area.


         For all of the real estate agents of Michigan, job and work related experiences are taught at the Institute of Michigan Real Estate Careers. We will serve you, ongoing real estate learning courses sessions for new real estate agents and the currently licensed real estate agents for new roles in our economy as the motivation for success. Institute of Michigan Real Estate Careers, will help teach the new and current working sales agents to work within their jobs with clients. Traditionally learning with the other specialties in the real estate sales marketing field, like (lending institutions and title companies and appraisal companies, attorney and the state licensing board, plus the register of deeds and............) who work in property marketing sales areas across America. The Institute of Michigan Real Estate Careers, Sponsor Mr. Johann W. Barbour welcomes all new students at this time. To learn the work in the "Real Estate Salespersons Fundamentals" courses is your first step. The class is designed to introduce to students to the fundamentals of real estate and prepare individuals for the real estate licensing examination. In the course one section real estate "agency" the class work will be to learn that an exclusive buyer agency contract in this section of the class it has parts of the contracts, which includes "purposes / the property / compensation of the broker / cost of services, ect". On the forms looking one at a time, we work at each section above on each agency contract agreement in a broker or salesperson and client relationship. The form will comply with our states statutes which are explained and completely reviewed as course work materials